Timeless Web

Timeless Web

Timeless offers a range of bespoke website services. We build it, host it, redesign it, and update it with new technologies, security, and features. Our services include website presentations, e-commerce, video clubs, CMS, and any other web-based service you need.


Truly custom

Designing, programming, copywriting, and building are all based entirely on your specific needs. We do not use generic templates, ensuring that your website or app is completely unique.


Never gets old

Your website or app will remain visually stunning, modern, and up-to-date with the latest standards, thanks to the included 24-month redesigns and ongoing monthly technical updates.


Update content anytime

You have complete control over your website or app, thanks to the user-friendly yet powerful administration tool, Grace Web. You can easily update content and media at any time, with unlimited accounts for your company. You have the flexibility to manage your website or app as you see fit, with your own login and on your own schedule.


Free support

Need assistance managing your website or app? We are available to help you.



Every Timeless service is built upon Grace products.


My Hair Cloud

Timeless Web

Trendy designed video portal with paid video content with recurrent payments and automatic billing.


Adams Barbershop

Timeless Web

Stylized local barbershop business' presentation with voucher purchases, online payments and automatic invoicing.


Resort sv. Kateřina e-shop

Timeless Web

E-commerce platform selling vouchers and videos for well known wellness resort connected to the hotel system and with online payments and user section.

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About us

Timeless Web includes

A bespoke website or app, custom-designed to your specifications

A redesign or facelift every 24 months to keep your project fresh and up-to-date

Continuous updates to ensure your project stays current with the latest features, technologies, and security standards

A user-friendly yet powerful administration tool - Grace Web or Grace App

All necessary services required to run your project

Email hosting for your project

Free support to assist you in getting the most out of your project


Who is Timeless for?

Timeless is suitable for anyone in need of a reliable presentation or sales channel, regardless of whether they are a small start-up, freelancer, or corporation. The Timeless program offers better value than conventional development work.

Can I request updates to my website's functionality?

Yes, small updates can be done at any time at no additional charge. The 24-month redesign period is a good opportunity to make additional changes to the website's functionality. If you require a significant change or new feature, the cost will be negotiated and agreed upon before making any changes, which would be added as an additional fee to your monthly bill.

Do I have to pay for the service indefinitely?

No, there is a minimum commitment of 12 months. After that, you can cancel the service at any time with no additional fees.

Can I use my own web hosting and accounts with Google/Apple?

No, all Timeless websites and apps must be hosted on our servers and use our accounts. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the service and provide frequent updates which is a basic property of our service. However, web and email hosting and app store services are included in the monthly fee, so there are no additional costs.

How is it possible to offer such a good deal?

We are able to offer such a great value for our services by utilizing a monthly payment model. This allows us to sustain development and maintain smooth operation of our servers. Additionally, we have developed a proprietary set of processes and products, Grace, that allow us to work efficiently while still maintaining a high level of quality.

What if LINK-V goes out of business? Will I lose my website or app?

In the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to continue providing the service, we will transfer your website or app to you so that you can continue using it.

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About us