Website navigation

Website navigation


Navigation on a website means how users move about from page to page and from section to section. Knowing user navigation helps to understand the entire experience of the website.


A website’s navigation will affect its SEO. It is important to set up the navigation to keep a website’s pages easily discovered by search engine spiders. The navigation should be clear and organized to provide the best user experience, and ideal search engine ranking.


Website navigation should ensure secure browsing of the website. It should ensure that users are only able to access pages and sections with user authentication and authorization.


The website navigation should also take into account the privacy of users. It should make sure that users’ personal data is protected securely and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

User experience

Navigation has to be convenient and intuitive for the user. The website should organize its navigation to make it easier for users to find what they need and to understand the context of the page.


Navigation can also be used as a marketing tool. It can be used to direct users to areas of a website where they can purchase products or services, or where they can learn more about the company. Good navigation can have a positive effect on the company’s overall marketing effort.