A sitemap is an organized structure of website pages listing out the URL links. It enables search engines to easily crawl and index the pages allowing faster access to content for visitors.


Sitemaps provide detailed information to search engines about the structure of the content enabling them to better index and understand the content for displaying in relevancy results.


Sitemaps improve the security of the website by providing an up-to-date list of pages allowing static and dynamic firewall rules to be created to better control access for malicious attacks.


Sitemaps can create dynamic links to pages and content that are not normally (or easily) accessed. This feature helps to protect the privacy of visitors by enabling them to find content without giving away the website navigational flow.

User experience

Sitemaps provide a better user experience by speeding up the time it takes to crawl and index the pages, improving the navigation and providing enhanced features for access control.


Sitemaps help marketers by enabling them to better target their audience and improve results from their ads and social media campaigns. They also allow the marketers to gain insights into how their customers are interacting with their site and its content.