Internal linking

Internal linking


Internal linking is the process of linking page elements to other pages within the same website. It serves to increase user experience, navigation and retain traffic to your website.


Internal links provide a way to transfer more authority to other pages within the website, and this can help to improve your website's overall SEO performance.


Internal linking can help make sure that the right content is displayed on web pages, whether it is data or media files. This helps to make sure that no malicious content can be displayed in the wrong areas.


By using internal linking, users can be sure that their private information is not displayed on other parts of the website, and that their data is displayed in the correct places.

User experience

By providing internal links, users are able to navigate from one page to another with ease, without having to laboriously search for the information they desire. This promotes user satisfaction.


Internal linking makes it easier for web pages to be found through search engines, as pages indexed will have more opportunities to appear in search results. This can help to promote your website's visibility.