Images on website performance

Images on website performance


Adding images to a website can result in improved performance, allowing visitors to better understand the content. Images used should be relevant and should be optimized to the correct size and scale.


Images on a website can have an impact on SEO performance. Images should be given descriptive file names, have their file size reduced, and have relevant alt text and titles added.


Potentially malicious content, such as viruses, can be spread through images. It is important to check all images to make sure they are secure before they are added to the website.


Plug-ins such as third-party analytics or cookies used on an image could pose a risk to website visitors’ privacy. Adequate measures must be taken to ensure that such plug-ins do not compromise user privacy.

User experience

The use of images on a website can improve user experience by breaking up the text and providing visual interest. Images should be high quality and not impede loading times.


Images can be used to drive marketing efforts to a website or app. Creative images can be used to attract customers and increase conversions.