HTML5 features

HTML5 features


HTML5 is the latest version of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the code used to create webpages and applications. HTML5 features provide improved user experience, security, privacy, and SEO optimization, allowing Web developers to create more engaging and efficient websites.


HTML5 provides improved SEO benefits by allowing developers to use rich media and page structures for optimized website crawls. This helps search engines more easily recognize content and rank pages more prominently.


HTML5 adds improved security measures to help webpages, applications, and computing devices remain safe and secure. HTML5 supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, which is an advanced form of data encryption used to protect data sent over the internet.


HTML5 adds support for Do Not Track (DNT) headers. This allows users to opt out of being tracked by websites and applications. It is recommended that users enable DNT as a privacy and security measure.

User experience

HTML5 is designed to improve the user experience. HTML5 offers improved tools and features to create highly engaging websites, including video, audio, and animation elements, and improved browser compatibility.


HTML5 supports improved marketing through features such as faster page loads, better displays for mobile devices, and support for HTML5 video and audio. This makes it easier for marketers to reach their target audience through improved website design and functionality.