404 error pages

404 error pages


A 404 error page is a web page that displays when a user attempts to access a page that doesn't exist or no longer exists. It usually means the requested page doesn't exist or has moved, and the server is notifying the user of that fact.


404 error pages can affect the SEO of a website. When a 404 occurs, web crawlers will usually index the page as an error and not count it as a valid page of your website, resulting in poor ranking and low visibility.


404 errors can lead to security vulnerabilities, allowing malicious actors to scour the web server for sensitive information or perform other malicious actions.


404 error pages can also lead to privacy issues, as they can disclose information such as the URL that was requested or an error message from the server.

User experience

404 error pages can be annoying and confusing to users, reducing their experience and potentially causing them to leave your site. It is important to create a custom 404 page that is informative and easy to understand, while also providing useful suggestions to the user on how they can find what they are looking for.


404 error pages can be used as a marketing tool, as well. You can use custom 404 pages to encourage users to explore other parts of the website and take advantage of other offers and services.