Grace & Grace Manager 3.0.6

Grace & Grace Manager

Updates Alternatives / Alts

In every alternative's edit form, can now be manually changed status of every field between rewriting or using default field. Thanks to this setting, you are able to remove a value for the Alt.

Contacts in Grace Manager

Contacts have updated structure and feature set.

E-mails and phones are no longer with a contact directly, they are now in a separate table (your current contacts have been automatically updated to fit this structure).

New feature "merge" is available, which merges two contacts into one intelligently. As an example, use "merge" to consolidate all different non-personal contacts of a company into a single contact listing.

A complete deletion of a contact is possible. Use with caution, Grace Manager does not warn about the contact being associated to other data.

Contacts table now shows number of people and companies.

Contacts' detail panel has been updated to new Cyber Panel.

Design updates

Cyber Panel is easier to work with on mobile devices by Addons being moved to the bottom of the screen. The ability to be closed & opened is unchanged.

Video upload Panel got an update for easier manipulation & uploading by click&select. The ability of drag&drop is still an option.

Bug fixes

Solved an issue that prevented saving a contact in Grace Manager in specific cases.

A higher reliability of auto-updated elements in unstable internet connection environments.

Client's view Communication messages in Grace Manager are now updated after new message is submitted.

For Devs

New GraceEvent JS class helps to maintain and clear resources.

Simpler implementation of SEO headers.

JavaScript Forms uses new event FormsEvents.SUBMITTED

JavaScript Forms has new property Disabled, that is set manually  and prevents proceeding after a submit.

Default TableCell class uses new properties PreText and PostText. This update also changes default Template and inserts main value into .