Overview of project for every client

Gradual release

We're introducing the new view to our clients gradually to ensure that everyone has access to it as soon as possible. If you don't have access yet, don't worry - you'll get it soon!

In beta

The new view is currently in beta, which means we're still testing and adding new features to make it even more powerful and useful. We encourage you to try it out and provide us with your feedback.

Project/Contract view

With the new view, you'll be able to see your project's timeline, task list, communications, and all associated files in one convenient location. This will allow you to easily track progress, see project history, and stay informed about your project's status. Please note that certain sensitive data related to the contract, such as hourly rates, may only be accessible to select personnel.

Separate task views for contact people

While the new view focuses on project/contract management, we also have separate views for tasks that are available to all contact people. This allows for easy tracking of individual tasks and progress.


The new view in Grace Manager will make managing your project with us even easier and more efficient. With all the important information in one place, you'll be able to stay informed, communicate more easily with our team, and track progress more effectively.